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Lighting Installation Guys offers design, manufacturing, fabrication and installation of different lighting for both commercial and residential purposes. With our state-of-the-art technology, we ensure unparalleled quality and service from manufacturing to the installation of the product. Our products are made from different materials and come in different designs and styles to suit the needs and requirements of the customers and client. If you are looking for lighting manufacturers who can help you come up with a custom design for your home or business or you need lighting experts to help you out in installation of lighting in your home or business ; call Lighting Installation Guys on 888-254-4278.


Residential lighting

Residential lighting can be use for a variety of purposes such as security, performing different tasks, as a way to landscape your home or as a form of accent decoration. Whether you want outdoor lighting, landscape lighting or any other indoor lighting; Lighting Installation Guys can help you come up with the right lighting for your home. We have a variety lighting products that are in different designs, styles, color and finishing that you can choose for your home lighting needs. When you choose the design, style, color and finishing that best suits your budget and one that is ideal for your home; our team of experts will carefully plan the lighting products you choose and come up with an ideal installation design to use in your home.


Commercial lighting

Lighting Installation Guys offers flexible commercial lighting products manufacturing and installation services to meet the needs of every type of business. We have been offering our services to many businesses including school, hotels and bars amongst other entertainment spots in the region. Whether it is a retail shop where you need recessed lighting or it is in a nightclub where you need disco lights; Lighting Installation Guys have all type of lighting products that you need and will ensure that the products are properly installed to suit the lighting needs of your business and serves the purpose.

Call us on 888-254-4278 to get started with our commercial lighting services and products.


lighting is used to make it easier to perform different tasks at night, provide security in your home or business and highlight your products or business. lighting is one of the methods that most nightclubs, restaurant and other entertainment spots use to attract their customers. It is important for you to choose the right material and lighting installer to ensure that the lighting serves the purpose and makes your home or business looks stunning. Lighting Installation Guys can help you achieve this at your set budget. Call us on 888-254-4278 to learn more about our lighting lamps, stands and other lighting products that we make.

Request an estimate

To request an estimate for your project, you can call us on 888-254-4278 and let us know about what your lighting project entails and what is required in your project so as to make it easier for us to give you an estimate cost and duration to successfully complete the project in your home or business.

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