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Designs and shapes

Lighting Installation Guys lighting offers a wide variety of lighting products in different designs and shapes. Whether your projects require, unique lighting products, Lighting Installation Guys has variety products and can come up with unique custom lighting products to meet your individual project needs. We give our customers the freedom to choose the design, shape and color that they need for their projects. Call us on 888-254-4278 and let us know what shape, design and color you want your home or business lighting to have and we will ensure that you get the exact thing that works for you.

Why choose Lighting Installation Guys

Lighting Installation Guys lighting services are carried out by fully trained and certified workforce that has been in the industry for a long time thus they are not only knowledgeable of lighting products manufacturing but they also have enough experience to know the kind of products that suit every home or business.. For anyone who needs a quick lighting solution, we have a stock of lighting products ready for immediate delivery and installation thus you can get a quick and hassle free lighting solution immediately without having to wait for a long time. Lighting Installation Guys offers all services and products on a budget. We are always available if you have any problem with your home or business lighting, call us on 888-254-4278 and we will provide you a solution to your lighting need or problem.


Lighting Installation Guys lighting services and product are very affordable. Our prices can vary depending with the material used to make the lighting products, the type of lighting and the area that requires lighting installation. We can also work with the customers’ budget to help them come up with a great home or business lighting that is quality at a budget of their choice. Our prices include the labor charges and the products used to install the lighting in your home or business. Give us a call on 888-254-4278 to learn more about our pricing and get an estimate of what your project would cost.

Lighting Installation Guys are professionals who have past experience in lighting products manufacturing and installation. Through our successful past work experience we have become reputable in creating unique yet quality lighting products in different designs and styles. We have been in the industry for several years thus we know what is best for your home or business. Just give us a call on 888-254-4278 and you will not be disappointed with our services and products.

Our reputation

We are one of the best lighting products manufacturers and installers in the region. This is due to our quality services and products. Through hard work and determination we have been able to win the trust and confidence of majority of home owners and businesses in the area. Most of our new customers are referrals from our old customers. Lighting Installation Guys uses customer service to improve how they serve their customers and also to improve different products. Through working on different projects from different clients, we have learnt so much on different lighting installation techniques.

Key features

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